Program Business

Program Business

What is it?
Many large groups and associations can benefit from a customized program solution. This requires an insurance company that can pull its weight. Our Programs team works collaboratively to develop insurance and commercial surety programs that serve the entire group’s unique needs.
Why Trisura?

Our focus on specialty insurance programs has allowed us to develop manuscript wordings that ensure specific exposures are addressed for each and every program. This provides your clients with customized coverage that has been designed to meet their needs. Additionally, we are able to develop white labelled or co-branded application forms that are tailored to each program, and we have various program structures available.  Some programs are best suited to a master policy/individual certificate of insurance basis, while others lend themselves better to individually-issued policies. All Specialty Insurance Programs Include a free legal hotline accessible to Program members for any legal advice they may require.

We also offer customized commercial surety programs with specialized workflows and structures for large associations, government agencies, financial institutions and large retailers. These programs have streamlined efficiencies related to administering programs with high volume single transactions.

In all cases we will work with you and your client on the development of specific marketing objectives to communicate the program effectively.

Specialty Insurance Programs

 Non-profit D&O
– We are able to write virtually all classes of non-profit D&O including:
  • Associations that have set up programs for their members
  • Community Centres
  • Historical Societies
  • Legions
  • Museums

Professional Liability – We focus on many classes of E&O for program business including:

  • Associations that have set up programs for their members
  • Bookkeepers and Accountants
  • Graphic Designers
  • Management Consultants
  • Personal Counsellors
  • Placement Agencies
  • Therapists
  • Various Regulated Health Professionals

CGL / Property – For many programs we have the ability to add a CGL and Property coverage component.

Commercial Surety Programs

Customs & Excise Bonds
– Bonds which are typically required by Canada Border Services Agency, including but not limited to, the following types:

  • Temporary Importation of Goods
  • Importers Direct Security
  • Release of Goods
  • Highway Carrier Bonds

Lost Instrument Bonds – Bonds typically required by transfer agents and financial institutions, below are examples of the types of bonds in this class:

  • Open Penalty Bonds
  • Fixed penalty Bonds
  • Waiver of Probate

Fiduciary Bond – Bonds required by probate courts, including the following types:

  • Committee
  • Guardianship
  • Foreign Executor
  • Administration 

Licence and Permit – Bonds which are typically required by Provincial or Federal agencies, some of the types are listed below.

  • Contractors Licence Bonds
  • Consumer Protection Bonds
  • Direct Sellers Bonds