Why Trisura


At Trisura, we are committed to providing our brokers’ with everything they need to succeed. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our broker partners and their clients are saying about us.

Appraisal Institute of Canada • Keith Lancastle • Chief Executive Officer

Keith Lancastle MBA, CAE
Chief Executive Officer,
Appraisal Institute of Canada

“Our organization has been aligned with Trisura for the past two years – the portal system allows all of our nearly 5,000 members to access their key documents, at any time, through the “members” only section of our website. Our members value the convenience of a “one stop shop” for their insurance needs.”






BFL Canada • Jack Lee • Vice President, National Practice Leader • Marketing

Jack Lee
Vice President,
National Practice Leader - Marketing
BFL Canada

“Trisura has perfected the recipe for SUCCESS. Hire bright, energetic people and instill in them that our customers demand prompt, knowledgeable service. The result is a very successful business filled with amazing enthusiasm all intent on WINNING.”







Lucie Trottier, AIB
Damage Insurance Broker,
Globalex Insurance & Financial Services

“I submitted a new E&O claim to Trisura for one of our clients. It was a first claim for this client and to say that the gentleman was stressed and anxious would be an understatement. Upon receipt of the claim I phoned the client, reviewed the documentation with him and contacted Trisura Montreal. They responded promptly, confirming remittance of the claim to the claims department. Within a day, I received an email from Trisura’s claims counsel with a very complete outline of corporate position on the claim, what the insured should do etc. All this confirmed in French and in a user friendly language which made the whole process so easy. I followed up reception of the email with a quick phone call to confirm a few points and was greeted with a friendly, helpful person that not only answered my questions but did so in layman’s terms. The trust test for any Broker and of any policy is in the event of a claim. I have been a very vocal cheerleader of Trisura for years and am astounded at the caliber of treatment that the team has provided for the insured. As usual, Trisura has proved that they go above and beyond.”






Integro Insurance Brokers • Patrick Bourk • Senior Vice President, Management Risk Practice Leader

Patrick Bourk, B.A., LL.B.
Senior Vice President,
Management Risk Practice Leader
Integro Insurance Brokers

“For the last several years the specialty insurance market place has been embracing new technologies, such as on-line insurance purchasing systems, in order to help insurance brokers best service their clients. Integro Insurance Brokers is very familiar with many of the on-line system offerings made available by insurers. In our opinion, the on-line portal system offered by Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is the best we have seen so far, hands down! Trisura’s portal system is intuitive, customizable and, perhaps most importantly when it comes to on-line systems, if we require any kind of support – whether related to underwriting or technical issues – Trisura’s service is unparalleled – returned emails at 1am, are you kidding me?! When our clients want an on-line insurance solution for program insurance placement, Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company’s portal system is the gold-standard we recommend.”



Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers • Marshall Sadd • President and Chief Executive Officer

Marshall Sadd
President and Chief Executive Officer
Lloyd Sadd Insurance Brokers

“We do a lot of surety business with them, we distribute for them, surety, d&o and fidelity. We’ve had a long history with the senior people at Trisura and we have a very good relationship. They’re easy to do business with and are in our office regularly. Mike (George) and his team are very focused on helping brokers grow their business. We work together strategically on opportunities. It’s always a win-win situation when working with them.”






Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance • Sherry Spencer • Account Manager, Commercial Lines

Sherry Spencer
Account Manager, Commercial Lines
Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance

“Macdonald Chisholm Trask Insurance has been a partner with Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company for the past 7 years.

During that time, we have enjoyed the opportunity to continually develop strong working relationships with management and staff. It is through these strong relationships that MCT Insurance is able to experience the excellent commitment to service that Trisura offers the broker network.

Speaking as a front line Account Manager, Trisura’s commitment to the Independent Broker Network and their continued persistence in developing new and innovative products makes Trisura the “go-to-market” of choice. The ease of doing business and “open-door” philosophy with all levels of management continues to be superior to their competitors in the industry.

Trisura consistently provides their broker partners with a variety of innovative ways to receive leading edge product information and continues to provide solution oriented underwriting decisions that focus on the needs of the  individual client.

I strongly recommend Trisura to my co-workers, independent broker partners and clients.”

Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd. • Daryn McLean • President & CEO

Daryn McLean
President & CEO, 
Moore-McLean Insurance Group Ltd.

“Our company prides itself on being entrepreneurial driven and solution focused for our clients. Our partnership with Trisura matches these traits and is a significant part of why we have had so much success. Trisura is a company that is very focused on supporting our company growth plans including providing our staff the products and expertise needed to deliver on our clients’ needs. We are proud to represent Trisura and to have them as one of our strategic insurer partners.”






Petrela, Winter & Associates • Millie Macesic • Bond Department

Millie Macesic
Bond Department,
Petrela, Winter & Associates

“We are proud of our association with Trisura Guarantee and very much value and enjoy our relationship with their staff –many of which are strong personal connections which go back almost 20 years.  As leading bond brokers in Canada, we work closely with all the major bonding companies, and we find Trisura’s responsiveness and general level of service to be amongst the best.  Like us, they are focused on customer service excellence and strive to deliver superior service experiences to their clients.  We look forward to building on our long-standing relationship with Trisura and its fine people, and welcome any inquiries in this regard.”




The Canadian Chamber of Commerce • Michel Barsalou • Executive Vice President

Michel Barsalou
Executive Vice President
The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

“The Canadian Chamber has been associated with Trisura since 2008 at a time when we were in need of a reliable surety bond provider. Part of their submission to service our clients – Canadian exporters across Canada - was the development of an online service making applications for bonds easily accessible and approvals granted within minutes.
The development of a portal system was an important factor in our decision to associate with Trisura as our clientele requires speedy and timely delivery of ATA carnets for their business travels. Issuance of ATA carnets can only proceed if secured; surety bonds are the security of choice for most exporters.
Not only has the portal system assisted our clients but it has also drastically reduced the time involvement of our staff members.
We are also grateful to Trisura for their sponsorship of our Carnet Program, and their willingness to assist with our promotional efforts. We value our relationship with Trisura management and staff.”






Wedgwood Insurance Limited • Kent Rowe • Manager, Commercial Lines Division

Kent Rowe
Manager, Commercial Lines Division
Wedgwood Insurance Limited

“Every one of my staff raves over the level of service provided by Shane, Andy and Dylan in Trisura’s Halifax branch. I’ve been in this business for 20 years now and have dealt with many insurers and underwriters, but I have yet to experience the level of broker support, ease of doing business, professionalism and character of the guys working in Halifax. In a world where we tend to only focus on the negative and complain when something goes wrong, I wanted to make sure that we identified what we believe to be a very well run office that provides us with service and support that is second to none. Hats off to them and to Trisura for creating a culture of excellence and one of unwavering support of the broker channel!”