From left: Ante Susjnar, Jonathan Hope, Richard A. Grant, John Thorpe

The Calgary Trisurians were at it again, this time decked out in bright-red, full-body-spandex to take part in the 4th annual Lloyd Sadd Risky Rocks Curling Funspeil tournament, hosted by the Garrison Curling Club of Calgary. From Batman to Breaking Bad, participant teams sported a variety of entertaining costumes, fitting with the tournament’s free-spirited approach to serving a charitable cause.

Trisura’s foursome especially enjoyed taking part as they ended up taking home the first place trophy. A big congratulations to Jonathan Hope, Richard A. Grant, Ante Susnjar, and John Thorpe for curling to glory in style, all for a good cause. Whether dressing up in head-to-toe spandex or dressing down to their skinnies, these Trisura folk will go the extra mile in order that those less fortunate might benefit.

Proceeds from the tournament were donated to The Calgary Food Bank (CFB). Established in 1982, the CFB has been providing invaluable support to working-poor Calgarians who are struggling to make ends meet. Over 130,000 received support in 2014 alone, meaning every donation makes a difference in the lives of those in need, and the need is ever growing.

Head over to www.calgaryfoodbank.com, where you can find a wealth of information about the organization’s history, contact information, volunteer opportunities, and upcoming events. You can also keep up to date with what’s going on in the moment by following them on twitter and facebook.

To learn more about Lloyd Sadd Brokers Firm and the numerous ways they’ve given back to Albertan communities, check out the “about us” portion of their website here.