Motivation. Acquisition. Disruption. Satisfaction. Creativity. Networking. Security. Trust. These were the words of the day at the 2015 Top Broker Summit.

Since 2011, Canadian Insurance Top Broker has hosted this all-day educational and networking event. The event has gained a reputation as one of the most valuable broker-focused functions in the industry. 2015’s edition did not disappoint. Taking place in downtown Toronto at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, this year’s summit was well attended by a variety of brokerages and insurance company representatives, including Trisura.


This gathering distinguishes itself from others in the industry because it’s exclusive to brokers, and features a compelling spectrum of speakers. This year, the speakers ranged from information-focused to stand-up-and-shout eccentric, as well as those that were little bit in between.

Trisura repeated as an insurance CEO panel Sponsor, with Mike George once again participating on the panel.

Discussion began with a focus on the recent influx of merger and acquisition activity, with the CEO panel varying in their views on value vs. danger. To summarize the opinions, M&A is a necessary aspect of growth, but is not the single driving factor. Mike make the bold declaration that Trisura has received their fair-share of offers, around 30 to be exact, each one rejected on the grounds of staying independent, highly specialized, and preserving our unique culture. Then there’s the small matter of the asking price- a cool billion dollars (or two).


Tackling the issue of “disruptors”, Mike acknowledged that relationship industries, like insurance, are expensive and therefore vulnerable to low-cost disruptors. All the more reason to get the balance right between brokers and insurers.

Customer satisfaction and the treatment of clients was also a key topic for Mike and the panel. Mike made the point that the experience created for 20% of customers that provide 80% of your business should be exceptional, in other (familiar) words: a step above.

The line-up of speakers continued throughout the morning and into the afternoon, sharing insight on the importance in branding to have a singular message, and ways to subtly sell your brand via social media, without overtly making a sales-pitch.

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Cyber Risk was on the menu during the lunch-and-learn session, followed by a research panel and Peer to Peer award presentations.

The day finished the way it began, with a motivational speaker. David Horsager presented his 8 pillar methodology of establishing trust, (Clarity, compassion, character, competence, commitment, connection, contribution, consistency) warning those in attendance that the biggest expense an organization can have is lack of trust.

David Horsager on his 8 Pillars of Trust.

To find out more about the presenters, you can follow the above and below links.

Motivational speaker Mike Lipkin.

Serge Solki from watsec cyber risk management.

A special thanks to our broker partners who sat with Trisura at our table, and to the good people at CI Top Broker for hosting and organizing the event.