Over one million dollars was raised for homeless youth in Toronto during the days leading up to the November 19th Executive Sleep Out-a fundraising event in its fourth year. Organized by Covenant House Toronto, the event aims to raise money and awareness for homeless youth through sponsoring a participant by way of voluntary donation. Each participant is an executive or leader in their respective company, each with a fundraising goal to contribute to the collective effort.

Trisura’s President and CEO, Mike George, enthusiastically volunteered to spend a night on the streets with a sleeping bag and piece of cardboard-which Trisura employees “branded” with words of support and encouragement.

Mike is a repeat participant in this event, this being his third year sleeping out. Both Mike and the Toronto sleep-out group exceeded fundraising goals. At the time of this writing, Mike surpassed his 2014 total of $30,000 to over $36,000, and the group at large from $900,000 in 2014 to over $1,000,000.

After a mostly sleepless night, the executives emerged from their sleeping bags as the sun came up over the city skyline. They met together for a group breakfast, having experienced a small sample of the struggle that many less fortunate youth face on a nightly basis.

Left to right: Mike George, Rick Taylor (HUB HKMB), Ian Johnson (Great West Life)

Mike, Rick, and Ian later joined Adrian Davis and John Barclay of Southwestern group.

Covenant House is Canada’s largest homeless youth agency which not only provides food and shelter, but also offers education, counselling and health care for thousands of kids each year. Their successful re-integration program assists youth with employment assistance, job training and affordable housing so that homeless youth have the guidance and opportunity to leave the streets and begin new lives.

If you would like to support the Covenant House initiatives through Mike’s Sleep Out Page you can click here to read his story and make a donation.

To Learn more about the amazing difference that Covenant House makes, visit www.covenanthousetoronto.ca



You may be familiar with the phrase, “whatever the question is, chocolate is the answer”. The Trisurians from Québec certainly are. The green aprons were tied-up and sweet cocoa mixed and baked. The Montréal branch produced a delectable smorgasbord of chocolate treats, nicely laid out for some of our broker partners to indulge.

The holiday sweet tooth often starts to take over this time of year, so why not welcome the craving with some home-baked goodies? From chocolate mousse to chocolate bread, guests enjoyed surveying, deciding, and consuming the delicious morsels.

Of course, our brokers don’t survive exclusively on confectionery, which is why the occasional fruit platter, croissants, and muffins are always appreciated, especially with a freshly snow-dusted Mont Royal within view.

What better way to beat those seasonal blues than to enjoy some delicious treats? Sometimes a smiling face and little chocolate can go a long way.

Thanks to our broker partners for hosting us!



Just over 10 years ago, Trisura was nothing more than an idea. In 2015, it’s a hundred-million dollar company with branches from one coast of Canada to the other. A lot has happened before and in between, but one thing has remained the same—a will to do business better; a vision to be a step above.

That was the message Mike George brought while standing on stage at the Fermenting Cellar in the historic distillery district of Toronto, the night of November 7th, 2015. His two founding partners, Bob Taylor and John Garner stood on either side—a commemorative painting by Peter Rotter in the middle foreground.

Rotter’s piece is an homage to the original artwork that inspired Trisura’s logo and branding: Fred Varley’s Wind Swept Pine on Georgian Bay. Varley, who was a founding member of the group of seven, was inspired by the Canadian wilderness, particularly that which has been embattled by harsh climates, and survived.

But there’s more to Trisura than an image or an idea.

“The Tri in Trisura represents the three-tiered partnership between ourselves, our brokers, and our customers” said Mike as the faces of employees and significant others looked on.

“And the “sur” represents the word insurance…so if you think about it, the letters “s”, “u”, and “r” make up the middle of our name…we’re the guts of insurance. The “a” on the end was John Garner’s idea, initially Trisureh to keep it Canadian. And what do you know, the name stuck!”

Mike went on to acknowledge, one by one, the members of the team who joined while the Trisura was still a fledgling company.

Mike shakes hands with Chris Sekine

Mike greets Richard W. Grant

Marilyn Van Gansewinkel is welcomed to the stage

Donna Anderson, far right, is introduced

Mike welcomes Richard A. Grant

Ken Carlstrom is next to join the crew on stage.

Chris Kucman gets a lucky rub from Mike.

Dragan Popovic is the “Computer guy” Mike can’t live without.

Mike brings it in with John Watt.

Janet Mascitelli gives Mike a hug after being called up.

Christopher Rendell endures Mike’s bald jokes with a smile.

Called to the stage, but missing from the stream of photos, are Josée Levesque and Jean-François Therrien, who were the first to establish operations in Montreal. Also called were Teresa Galati, Glen Shaw, and Pina Mazzoli from the Toronto plant, who added strength and expertise to the Accounting, Risk Solutions, and Commercial Surety departments, respectively. All original employees are pictured in the group shot below.

Top left to right: Ken Carlstrom, John Garner, Chris Sekine, Teresa Galati, Mike George, Richard W. Grant, Marilyn VanGansewinkel, Donna Anderson, Chris Kucman, Bob Taylor. Bottom row left to right: Josée Levesque, Chris Rendell, Glen Shaw, Pina Mazzoli, John Watt, Richard A. Grant, Janet Mascitelli, Dragan Popovic, Jean-Francois Therrien.

Mike also took time to acknowledge Michelle McCafferty for her effort and enthusiasm in volunteering and charity work, as well as her continued excellence in surety underwriting. A “life-size” original print of the Rotter painting was given to Michelle.

Trisura employees continued to receive praise through the form of peer-review awards. The awards took the shape of miniature inuksuk– the singular of inuksuit, meaning “in the likeness of a human” in the Inuit language. They are monuments used by the Inuit for communication and survival. The traditional meaning of the inuksuk is “Someone was here” or “You are on the right path.” The inuksuk awards fell into three categories: Spirit, Core Values, and Innovation.

The Trisura Spirit award went to the person who exemplifies the culture of Trisura and is a true ambassador of our brand both inside and outside the organization. They are the first to enthusiastically participate, initiate, and volunteer for activities while managing to do well at their job. This year’s recipient was Steve Carreiro.

Both Nadine Dodeman and Bill Van Der Ende received the Core Values Award for consistently demonstrating a commitment to the core values of the organization with both brokers and colleagues. They are well-balanced and mindful of Trisura’s core values in every day decision making, and exhibit a ‘step above’ in all situations.

The Trisura Innovation Award was given to the person that initiated new ideas to improve service to customers, made recommendations to improve processes or technology to enhance efficiency or save money or time, with a genuine interest and belief that ‘it can be done better. That person was Sarah Mainella.

With speeches and cordialities concluded, the night turned to continued celebrations with most attendees sticking around into the late hours of the night (and well into morning) to show off their dance moves while the DJ kept the music pumping.

A significant milestone of 10 years has been reached. The legacy of Trisura as a successful, distinctly Canadian insurer continues to be a step above, now and in the future. Here’s to the next 10 years, and beyond!



Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is proud to have been selected by Aon as one of the Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada for 2016. The complete winners’ list was announced on November 5th.

The Best Employers in Canada competition runs annually, is based on expertise gained from years of experience, and data that’s been collected from thousands of organizations worldwide. Only a small group are chosen as winners. This is the first time Trisura has made the Best Small & Medium Employers List, and it is also the first time applying.

There are many elements that Aon considers when awarding a company, but most important are the results of an employee engagement survey that covers 20 different factors. Trisura retained a 100% participation rate.

The full results of the competition will be published in the November issue of Canadian Business Magazine, published by Rogers—currently available on newsstands and through digital subscription. The winners’ lists are also available at Aon’s website, which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian-based Property and Casualty insurance company, incorporated under the Insurance Companies Act (Canada). As a Canadian owned and operated company, Trisura is uniquely positioned to satisfy mid-market risks in Contract Surety, Commercial Surety, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Fidelity, and Professional Liability including Media Liability.

For more information about Trisura, visit our website at www.trisura.com or call 416-214-2555.

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