Trisura Group Ltd and RSA Canada surety transition

Toronto, ON – October 30, 2017 — Trisura Group Ltd. (“Trisura”) and RSA Canada (“RSA”) are pleased to announce the transition of  RSA’s contract and commercial surety business in Canada to Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company (“Trisura Guarantee”).


RSA’s Canadian surety portfolio consists of  approximately 450 contract and commercial surety accounts with annual premium in excess of $6 million. The management teams of both companies will work closely together to ensure a smooth transition of the business.

“At RSA, our commercial business is focused on providing industry-leading service and expertise to our brokers and their customers,” says Paul Lucarelli, Senior Vice President, Commercial at RSA Canada. “An important aspect of this strategy is growing our Global Specialty Lines business and putting our focus on segments where we can bring a differentiated proposition and expertise. We’ve made a strategic decision to  transition the Canadian surety business to Trisura to maintain our focus on those segments and customers.”

“RSA Canada’s surety business is a great fit for Trisura Guarantee and allows us to further strengthen our position in the Canadian marketplace as a market leader in the small to mid-size contractor space. The transfer aligns well with our strategy of enhancing services to this segment.  Our main focus will be to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to brokers and their clients” says Chris Sekine, Senior Vice President, Surety at Trisura Guarantee.

About Trisura

Trisura Group Ltd. is a leading international specialty insurance provider operating in the surety, risk solutions, corporate insurance and reinsurance segments of the market. Trisura has three principal regulated subsidiaries: Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, Trisura International Insurance Ltd. and Trisura Specialty Insurance Company. Trisura is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “TSU”. Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian specialty insurance and surety company with offices across Canada, providing customized solutions and expertise through a select broker network. Trisura Guarantee is uniquely positioned to satisfy Canadian risks in Contract, Commercial and Developer Surety, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Fidelity, Professional Liability including Media and Cyber Liability and Warranty products.

About RSA Canada

The RSA Canada group of companies includes Roins Financial Services Limited, Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada, Quebec Assurance Company, Johnson Inc., Unifund Assurance Company, Western Assurance Company, Ascentus Insurance Ltd., Canadian Northern Shield Insurance Company and RSA Travel Insurance Inc. (collectively, “RSA Canada”) and is part of a group of companies headed by RSA Insurance Group Plc. RSA Canada employs more than 3,000 people across Canada and is one of the oldest insurance companies in the country with roots dating back to 1833.

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experience accuracy up close and personal

“It is very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better.”

-Jonathan Ive, Chief Design Officer, Apple




By Mike George

Here at Trisura Guarantee, our noble purpose, the reason for our existence and being in business, is to create an exceptional stakeholder experience. We believe it can be done better.

Jonathan Ive would say that our goal is a challenging one to achieve. Fortunately for us, it may be a little easier to be better at creating an exceptional stakeholder experience in our world of specialty insurance than it is in Ive’s world of industrial design in the technology sector. However, even in insurance, the bar keeps rising.

What is “it” you ask? Well, in a nutshell it’s everything. We have to be different. We have to be better. Ultimately, we have to excel in all key facets of our business. Of course this means we have to offer great products and have best claims handling in the business. These are the table stakes in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

First and foremost, we are a relationship company.

It is a strategic imperative that we create an exceptional experience for our brokers, their customers, our reinsurers and everyone else deeply involved with Trisura.

However, given that we are in the risk taking business, we cannot achieve that by simply saying yes to every deal.

What we do is care about the needs of our brokers and their customers. We listen to their point of view, find and propose viable solutions whenever we can. We need to be solutions-oriented, and to find them quickly, because time is money. Ultimately, if we cannot deliver a solution then we need to be decisive and say no, but still try and assist our broker in finding a solution. These are our values, which we strive to do better than anyone else.

Furthermore, because we are in the risk business, we need to be absolute experts in the sectors we serve with a razor focus on being the best underwriters in the business.

Sharing expertise with our brokers helps them achieve success. We are a broker company. Our success is directly linked to the success of our brokers. We must do everything in our power to help our brokers win.

As we all know, the insurance world is changing. In order to survive and thrive in the future, insurance companies and brokers alike must be prepared to embrace change. This includes continuously striving to find ways to do our business more efficiently. It means innovation. It means improving all aspects of our business. We will find better ways to execute our business strategies.

What does it all come down to? In my mind, our culture and our people. To create an exceptional stakeholder experience, we must have the best team in the business. We must nurture the best culture in the industry in which our team can thrive. Only then can we be both different and better. Maybe then we can buy Apple.

I wish you and your families the very best this Thanksgiving season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and for trusting us with your business. We very much appreciate our relationship. As always, I welcome your feedback.


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