Employee Feature – Sian DaviesQ: How did you get started in the insurance industry? What drew you in/how did you get drawn in?

A: Prior to Trisura I worked as a Financial Analyst at Health Canada in Ottawa. I enjoyed it, but was looking to move home to Toronto. I started in the industry because a friend forwarded Trisura’s posting for a Business Analyst role to me as she had heard good things about Trisura. When I interviewed for the position I was surprised by how different Trisura felt to my expectation of an insurance company. I was drawn in by the people, energy, and overall culture of Trisura as an organization.

Q: You joined Trisura in 2013 as a Business Analyst and now hold a Senior Business Analyst role – how has your role developed/changed from the time you started until now?

A: When I first started at Trisura the concepts and products of the Risk Solutions product line were completely new to me. Since then I have developed an understanding of how our business works and programs are structured. As a result, I can contribute more analysis and insight to our team.  My focus has also shifted to working on ways to scale our programs and reduce the administrative load by automating reporting and billing.

Q:  What has developed/changed in the insurance industry since you started? What do you think will be the biggest change in the future?

A: Like most industries, technology is one of the major forces driving change in the insurance industry today. From the way that people carry out and transact business to improvement of internal processes, technology is impacting all facets of the industry. Right now, there is a focus from both brokers and underwriters to keep up and be the first or have the best new technology. It will be interesting to see what sticks and becomes industry mainstay in the coming years.

Q: What, in your opinion, is the most important thing to get right when doing business from the perspective of the insurer?

A: Understand the risk that is being underwritten. Without proper analysis of the risk we cannot accurately price premium or forecast earnings. From an external point of view, providing excellent service to our clients and brokers is a critical success factor. While excellent service means speed and relationships, it also refers to the actual service we deliver. By understanding our client’s business we can provide advice and solutions that that are mutually beneficial.

Q: Ok now the fun one…you have won the grand prize in a contest that grants you an unlimited supply of one thing (anything you want) – what do you choose?

A: This is going to make me seem like a huge nerd, but my answer would absolutely be a Tardis from Doctor Who. How could you not want to travel through both space and time! Plus, you can bring all your friends.