Trisura Legends Day Recap

On May 3rd, Trisura, Hockey Canada and The Schulich School of Business presented Trisura Legends Day. Legends Day was the first broker education and training session hosted by Trisura at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Attendees came from across Canada to up their game alongside the Canadian insurance industry’s most promising brokers.

The expertise of the day’s keynote speakers inspired, educated, and motivated. Guests listed to harrowing tales of survival and performed exercises in innovative thinking. Industry issues such as disruption filled out the agenda.

Jeff MacInnis:

Legends Day RecapJeff’s “WIN thinking” program is a highly regarded, business results-focused program. He engages and motivates his audience, identifies the importance of objective setting and challenges groups through team exercises. The WIN Thinking program engages participants to discover leadership frameworks, and provides techniques to pursue the best version of themselves. Jeff was the leader of the first team to sail the Northwest Passage. National Geographic featured Jeff’s adventures, as well as on Prime‑time television and in magazines worldwide. He has presented over 400 lectures around the world to Fortune 500 companies.


Jim Harris:

Legends Day RecapJim is one of North America’s foremost thinkers on disruptive innovation, and yearly speaks internationally at over 50 conferences. Association magazine ranked him as one of North America’s top ten speakers. His clients include Barclays Bank, Canon, Deloitte, IBM, Munich Re, Zurich Insurance and more. Jim’s last book, Blindsided! is published in 80 countries worldwide. Blindsided! is a #1 international bestseller.


Cassie Campbell-Pascall:

Legends Day RecapCassie is the former Captain of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team and a heroine of Canadian sport. She draws on her accomplishments as an athlete and broadcaster to explore the themes of leadership, teamwork, motivation, and determination. Cassie is a lively, passionate, and engaging speaker. She knows firsthand about the key roles that teamwork, determination, and great leadership play at the most challenging times. Cassie is the only captain, male or female, to lead Canada to two Olympic gold medals. She is the longest serving captain in Canadian hockey history.