On Thursday, July 23rd, staff from Trisura’s Halifax office took a group of brokers 40 kms out on the open waters of the Atlantic to enjoy a day of catch-and-release fishing, as a way to say thanks for their ongoing support of Trisura. But this wasn’t to be an ordinary fishing trip, and the catch nothing less than spectacular.

With some help from the expert fishermen of Blue Shark Fishing Charters (BSFC), Andrew Cartwright, Shane Roney, and Dylan Smith joined brokers from Arthur J. Gallagher, Marsh Canada, and HUB International Atlantic to reel in the big fish. Sometimes an extra set of hands was needed to hold on as the powerful creatures battled the anglers.

Avid fisherman and CEO of Trisura, Mike George, wouldn’t have missed his chance to haul one in.

This group of sea-savvy sailors were not to be denied their catch.

BSFC, in partnership with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, is a strictly catch, tag, and release project. Each Blue Shark reeled in was tagged, measured, de-hooked, and released back into the waters by experienced professionals; including Nate Glenn, a Marine Biology student from Dalhousie University who works on the boat as a part of his ongoing studies.

Captained by Art Gaetan, (of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and a retired Canadian Navy veteran) BSFC works in partnership with Dalhousie University, the APEX predator program, and the Canadian government to provide support on a broad range of ocean issues, such as shark migration patterns, reproductive biology, feeding ecology, environmental protection, the health of the oceans, the sustainable use of natural resources, and the integrated management of large ocean areas.

In Arts words, “Shark are truly amazing and beautiful creatures and having an opportunity to catch, tag and release them is an incredible experience. Personally, I have come to learn that the thrill of simply attracting and catching shark is sufficient sport, and that killing shark really serves no purpose.”

To learn more about the Bedford Institute of Oceanography’s conservation efforts, Blue Shark Fishing Charters and The APEX predators program, visit the links below:

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