Top Row from left: Keith McIntosh, Andrew Rohmer, Jeff Cernele & Sian Davies
Middle Row from left: Michelle McCafferty, Lisa Saponara, Sonia Cordeiro & Carolyn Rhodes
Bottom Row from left: Rob Litt & Janet Mascitelli

On July 9th over 100 volunteers from organizations across the GTA joined in for the 15th Annual Project Water, an Engage and Change initiative that provides bottled water for those in need. Trisura participated this year with a team of 10 volunteers who helped pack summer survival kits containing a T-shirt, reusable water bottle, pen, note pad, baseball hat, hand sanitizer and body lotion as well as load cases of bottled water into trucks that will distribute them during heat alerts this summer. Since its inception, the project has placed in excess of 1.5 million bottles of water into the hands of Toronto and surrounding area homeless through over 170 front-line relief organizations and homeless shelters.

The one-day event begins with teams competing to see who can put together the most summer survival kits for the homeless. We’re proud of our energetic Trisura Team who out-packed the competition and won the challenge by putting together just over 1,100 kits in under 20 minutes! Overall more than 3000 summer survival kits were packed and loaded. The event continues into the afternoon with volunteers loading 300,000 bottles of water into vehicles that will deliver them to social service agencies, homeless shelters and outreach providers.

Founded by Jody Steinhauer, President of The Bargains Group, Project Water, an Engage and Change initiative, was born in response to the inexcusable fact that more homeless people die from dehydration in the summer months than from exposure in the winter.

To learn more about Project Water or to donate, click here.