Trisura Talent Continues to Shine Bright

Trisura Talent Continues to Shine Bright

Insurance Business Canada has surveyed the industry nationwide to highlight some of the top young professionals in the business. Trisura is extremely proud to announce that two members of our talented team, Kate Shaw and Stephen Logush, have been named Rising Stars for 2021!

Rising Star finalists must be nominated and meet key criteria, including:

  • Be aged 35 or younger as of March 01, 2021;
  • Hold a position that is relevant to the insurance industry;
  • Be committed to a career in insurance;
  • And, hold a passion for the industry.


Meet our Rising Stars:

Woman with long hair and pink blazer.Kate Shaw has been with Trisura for over two years and has nearly 10 years of experience in the insurance industry. As an executive solutions underwriter, she is responsible for managing and building a portfolio of directors’ and officers’ liability and fidelity business. Kate obtained a BA degree from McGill University and also has her Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP) designation.

Kate likes that no two days are the same when working in the insurance industry. “I love that each day brings new challenges and learning opportunities,” she says. “It’s always enjoyable to collaborate with broker partners to find creative insurance solutions for their clients.”



Man in suit jacket and grey striped tie.Stephen Logush is a manager of Trisura’s Toronto surety branch. In his role, he is responsible for working with the organization’s broker partners and team of underwriters to grow and manage the portfolio of accounts in Ontario. Stephen is a member of the SAC Young Professionals Committee, which organizes networking and professional development events for the young professionals in our industry. He has earned his Associateship in Canadian Surety Bonding (ACSB) and Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designations, and he is working towards an MBA degree through Wilfrid Laurier, which will be completed next spring.

Why does Stephen enjoy working in the industry? It comes down to the people. “Analyzing a complex set of financial statements is fun and all, but it’s really the people that make the industry so enjoyable,” he says. “Finding solutions while developing long-term relationships with our broker partners and contractors is the most rewarding part of the job.”


About the Insurance Business Canada Rising Stars report:

Previously named Young Guns, the Rising Stars report shines a spotlight on industry professionals aged 35 or younger. The report identifies individuals who bring a fresh perspective, innovative ideas and a sense of leadership to the roles and organizations.

You can find the official 2021 Rising Stars report here.

Trisura Guarantee President and CEO makes Global 100 List

Trisura Guarantee President and CEO makes Global 100 List

Chris Sekine, Trisura Guarantee’s President and CEO, has been named a top insurance industry leader by Insurance Business. The publication has released its second-annual Global 100 list, which features the finest leaders in six different markets of the industry: Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific.

The individuals selected for the list are key industry players that possess outstanding leadership capabilities—both internally and externally—making a difference in today’s markets to carry the industry into the new era.

Chris Sekine to build on successes of Mike George“It is truly an honour and humbling to be part of this list of prestigious list, alongside many highly esteemed insurance executives and especially those from Canada,” Chris says. “Our industry is constantly evolving, and this has never been more true than in 2020. Through the headwinds of 2020, Trisura aims to stay the course and continue to collaborate with our broker partners to ensure our service remains a step above. My sincere thanks to the tremendous team at Trisura for their dedication, support and drive. Truly, it is our entire team together that delivers and deserves the recognition.”

Chris has been with Trisura Guarantee since its inception in 2006 and led the start up of our surety operation, which as since grown to be the fourth largest writer of surety in Canada. In the spring of 2019, Chris stepped into his current position as President and CEO and he is instrumental in setting Trisura’s strategic direction and ensuring our core focus remains on specialty lines and building quality business, while providing a step above service for our select network of broker partners. Internally, Chris continues to be a champion for employees and encourages personal growth and career development.

Having worked closely with Chris for the past decade, Cindy Grant, Trisura’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources, isn’t surprised he is on the coveted list. “Since I joined Trisura in 2010, the company has flourished under the entire leadership team and more recently under Chris’s direction and guidance,” Cindy says. “Chris’s practical and visionary leadership will take Trisura well into the future – all while keeping focus on what matters most: our employees and our customers.”

Chris also appeared on the inaugural Global 100 list in 2019.

To view the official 2020 Global 100 list, click here.

Trisura provides 2020 outlook

Trisura provides 2020 outlook

In a recent interview with Canadian Underwriter, Trisura COO Richard Grant shared his thoughts on what should be a top concern for the industry in 2020. 

Read the original article here.

Trisura COO executive outlookAlthough the insurance industry is constantly evolving, one issue seems to remain on the back burner that I feel ought to be in the forefront — the risk of a mega-catastrophe. Canada is the only G7 nation whose insurance industry does not have financial backing from a federal government. Without a clear strategy in place, the industry could fall victim to a dire economic state, with smaller property and casualty insurers getting hit the hardest.

The impact of a mega-catastrophe on the industry has been an underlying concern for years. However, as is often the case, until there is a need for a response (until a disaster occurs), we likely won’t see any action. In the event of a mega-catastrophe in Canada such as a major earthquake, a best-case scenario would be months of business disruption while everyone searches for alternative insurance options. Not only will there be a significant increase in property claims, but we would anticipate seeing an increase in surety and directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability losses as a direct result of a catastrophe affecting the general economy. The Conference Board of Canada previously reported that, in the long term, we could potentially see cumulative losses in Gross Domestic Product reaching almost $100 billion. Alone, the insurance industry is not capable of covering all the losses that a catastrophic quake might incur, which could lead to the financial collapse of some insurers. The industry-funded Property and Casualty Insurance Compensation Corporation (PACICC) would step in to respond to claims by policyholders of these failed entities. This alone could cause larger insurance companies to fail as well, as PACICC places levies on them to pay for the claims. Eventually, this could lead to financial collapse throughout the entire industry. We will see a disruption in businesses, which inevitably will result in the failure of companies in many industries. For example, in the early 2000s, when a major insurer in Australia collapsed, medical services across the country were negatively impacted.

It’s crucial we have a plan in place before it gets to that point. This will require a collaborative effort. Working with the Insurance Bureau of Canada, industry stakeholders should take the first steps toward action and open a conversation with the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions and the federal government.

The Ride of My Life

The Ride of My Life

“You will never be in complete control of what happens to you in life; however you are always fully in control of the way in which you respond to what happens in your life.”

– Alexander Michael Gittens

Fourteen years ago this month, Trisura was born. It was just the germ of an idea, to create a new Canadian specialty lines insurer from scratch, but it quickly took shape. Bob Taylor, John Garner and I developed a business plan, found capital and reinsurance backing and took our concept to the Office of Superintendent of Financial Institutions, where we were granted our license. Two of the final ingredients were the most important: adding a superb team of industry experts and convincing the best insurance brokers in the business to support the company. Much to our pleasant surprise, we exceeded even our lofty expectations in both areas. As a result, we hit the ground running and never looked back.

Mike George farewellThe “Tri” in the name Trisura came to signify the relationship and partnership between our brokers, their customers and ourselves. It reinforces that we are a relationship company. The “sura” represents the middle letter of the word insurance, so we became the guts of insurance. Our name has served us well.

Our vision for the company became a step above and our noble purpose—our reason for being in business—is to create exceptional experiences for all stakeholders.

The support we received from our brokers from day one was incredible, and our brokers have been a key driver of our success. The team of 130 people we have assembled is, in my opinion, the best in the business and second to none. As a result, Trisura has flourished. We have consistently been one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most profitable insurers, and we have been recognized as an employer of choice with world-class employee engagement. In fact, Trisura Guarantee delivered its best year of operation in 2018.

As you know, our parent company went public nearly two years ago, and Trisura is now operating in the US and has international operations. Our little idea has grown into a significant and meaningful corporation. The organization is in great shape and the future is indeed bright.

Everything I had ever dreamed that Trisura could achieve under my watch has been delivered in spades. So, after much deliberation, I have decided this is the ideal time for me to step down as CEO. I am thrilled that my long-time colleague and friend, Chris Sekine, has been selected as my replacement. Chris will do a fantastic job in my stead and will take Trisura Guarantee to even greater heights.Mike George farewell

And what will I do now you may ask? Well, I am looking forward to taking some time off to enjoy the summer at the cottage, doing a lot of fishing and recharging my batteries, and then, I’ll be making some decisions about what I will do next.

I have been a very lucky guy. I have been incredibly fortunate in my career journey, and the past nearly 14 years has absolutely been the ride of my life. I have loved every minute and am extremely proud of the team we have assembled. I am forever grateful for my colleagues’ dedicated effort and for the wonderful support of our broker partners. I have been absolutely blown away by the outpouring of positive sentiment and congratulations from so many of you, my friends, over the past few days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I look forward to seeing all of you again when our paths next cross. Until then, farewell.

Mike George farewell


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day, and Trisura Guarantee wants to say thank you to all our female trailblazers. Hardworking, inspirational and talented, the women of Trisura are at the top of their game, often receiving praise from around the industry for their work in the office and in their communities.

In honour of today, Trisura is shining the spotlight on a dedicated individual who has been with the organization since its first year–our head of commercial surety, Pina Mazzoli.

Pina’s story didn’t start off in this industry. She received an English literature degree from York University and started off her career as an English teacher in an international private school. Her surety journey began through a family friend. She applied for a position United States Fidelity and Guaranty, a large, multinational company that was opening an operation in Canada. Through several amalgamations and merges, Pina had progressed to national senior underwriter of commercial surety for Travelers Canada. These steps brought her to Trisura, and as she puts it, “the rest is history.”

Throughout her career, Pina has had a multitude of proud accomplishments. She has built a successful commercial surety practice, developing online solutions to make products more efficient and cost effective. Pina also tipped her hat to her colleagues, saying, “I am so proud of the team of people who constantly challenge the way we do things and think of ways to the business better.”

CEO Mike George has worked with Pina since 2006. He witnessed the industry transform because of her leadership and innovation, and he is confident in the positive influence she has on her peers:

In my mind, Pina is without a doubt the leading commercial surety expert in Canada today. She is the ultimate of innovators and has reshaped and revolutionized the business. Pina has pioneered and championed new uses for the product and has created classes of commercial surety that previously did not exist. She has taken a high-touch and cumbersome product suite and turned it upside down by developing new workflows and processes through digital solutions, which, in turn, has greatly improved efficiency for our brokers, their customers and ourselves. She is passionate about her business, and I can honestly say that both the Canadian commercial surety industry and Trisura owe much of the ultimate success of the commercial surety line to Pina’s leadership and vision. We are so fortunate to have her leading and mentoring our team in this highly profitable business. Thanks Pina!!

When Pina isn’t making waves and shaping the insurance business, she can be found in a yoga or Pilates studio, cycling or cooking. But above all, she always makes time to spend with her two daughters.

Trisura Guarantee up-and-comers top the 2019 Young Guns list

Trisura Guarantee up-and-comers top the 2019 Young Guns list

Young Guns 2019 logo


Trisura Guarantee up-and-comers top the 2019 Young Guns list

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is thrilled to announce that two of our very own have been selected as 2019 Young Guns by Insurance Business Canada.


Meet our winners:


KatrinaKatrina Myhal was promoted to senior analyst of e-commerce solutions last year. In this role, Myhal’s focus is to improve Trisura’s user experience. She completed a user experience design course and is putting her new skills to use in an effort to redesign the online portal user experiences and interface. Myhal is able to contribute to the brand’s long-term digital strategy through her involvement with Trisura’s digital steering committee.



JonathanJonathan Hope is a senior surety underwriter. He has been in the surety industry for 10 years, the past eight of which have been with Trisura. In his current role, Hope is responsible for growth and management of Alberta, Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario surety clients. He also works on strategic planning concerning brokers and client risk assessment, as well as Trisura’s 2019 commercial surety plan. Hope boasts several designations including Associate in Canadian Surety Bonding, the Association of Surety Bond Producers’ Advanced Surety School Level III designation and the Commercial Surety designation.



About Insurance Business Canada Young Guns list:
Insurance Business Canada’s Young Gun list is an annual recognition of the up-and-coming talent in an industry where recruiting and retaining young talent has been a concern. To appreciate and encourage young professionals in the insurance industry, Insurance Business shines the spotlight on those 35 years of age and under. Finalists are first nominated by a colleague and are then selected by the magazine based on their passion for insurance, dedication to their communities and commitment to sharing their knowledge with peers.

You can find the complete 2019 Young Guns list here.