Our values influence in a real, tangible way what we do every day and how we deliver. Our values are what make Trisura a step above the rest. We look for ways to discover what our brokers, their customers and employees are looking for, and to deliver what they need.

We truly do care – about our brokers, and their clients.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.


Listen. Really listen and pay close attention.

The first step to building a strong broker relationship is listening. So we do.


Find the right solution.

We don’t believe in off the rack solutions. We customize our solutions to your needs, not ours.


It’s not always urgent, but we treat it as if it is.

Going through the motions doesn’t work here. We know you need a response so we deliver, as fast as you need it, ensuring both detail & quality.


Access to decision makers

When you call us, you get prompt access to expert decision makers who can help get the answers you need. We won’t leave you hanging for a response.


Share our expertise.

We’re here to help you, any way we can. That means you can count on the full resources and talents of our team for anything you need.


We’re here for you.

Trisura is a broker-focused company. We’re here to support you, every way we can.


Partner with the best.

We believe in working with select brokerages that allows us to provide the best service possible to each and every one.


Entrepreneurial spirit.

We will never be so big that we forget how we got here. Our mutual entrepreneurial spirit will continue to drive our success.


Put your trust in us.

We demonstrate integrity and fairness in all our dealings.


Remain proudly Canadian.

We’re proud of our Canadian roots and the values they continue to inspire.