As part of Trisura’s ongoing mission to innovate our processes and make it easier for our brokers to deal with us, we’ve introduced a new Contract Status Reporting (CSR) system based out of our online portal. Contract Status Reports are a valuable source of information for surety companies on a contractor’s ability to perform construction projects of certain types and sizes, as well as serving as a direct line of communication to keep the surety informed.

The surety CSR process has been the same for decades: Send a paper CSR by mail, fax or email and hope an owner responds. This process was inefficient and labour intensive. Now, all CSR’s are electronically delivered directly to the Owner, revamping the process to make it quicker, less tedious, and an overall smoother user experience for CSR recipients. Email will be our only delivery method moving forward as part of continued efforts to integrate advanced technologies in our business processes and reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re always encouraging our staff to come up with new ideas to do things better and more efficiently. In this case, the idea for change came from our operating units on the floor, not from closed-door decisions. Sarah Mainella, our Manager of National Surety Services, meticulously overviewed the process, from the inception of the idea to the implementation, working closely with our systems team to make sure everything ran smoothly. The new CSR process is a great insight into the innovation achieved by cultivating a mentality of increasing efficiency and improving the service we provide to our brokers.

The new process involves:

  • The Owner receives an email with a link directing them to a CSR specifically created for their project.
  • The Owner is then asked to answer a few contract-specific questions.
  • Once completed, the CSR details are communicated to Trisura in real time, allowing Trisura and our brokers quick access to contract information.
  • The CSR link can be forwarded—so if by chance the email is sent to the wrong person within the Owner’s office, it can be re-directed to the correct individual

As the insurance industry moves forward into the technological future, Trisura aims to integrate applications, devices, and ideas that progressively improve upon existing processes, but this does not mean we abandon traditional methods completely. Although our CSR’s will no longer be distributed in PDF format, our Surety team can quickly retrieve a copy that can be forwarded using traditional methods, in the event a copy is needed.

This is an exciting initiative for the Surety group at Trisura, and is a prime example of one of the numerous ways we are making game-changing advancements. Among the advantages our new CSR system offers is a revamped level of efficiency. Our surety team now has more time to serve brokers and clients better, and faster than ever before. We identify and embrace the notion that certain technologies can enable us to better serve our brokers and their client’s needs. Our new CSR system is an exceptionally useful technological advancement that furthers our mission of being a step above in all aspects of our business.