The 5th annual Covenant House Executive Sleep Out event was once again a huge success in 2017, raising over one million dollars to help get homeless youth off the streets. The event is organized by Covenant House Toronto, and aims to raise money and awareness for the betterment of homeless youth. Each participant is a leader in their respective company and/or community. Fundraising goals are set in advance, and achieved through voluntary donations.

Covenant House is Canada’s largest homeless youth agency which not only provides food and shelter, but also offers education, counselling and health care for thousands of kids each year. Their successful re-integration program assists youth with employment assistance, job training and affordable housing so that homeless youth have the guidance and opportunity to leave the streets and begin new lives.

Trisura President and CEO, Mike George, took to the streets once again for his fourth executive sleep out. This year Mike served as the chair for the event, and was joined by honourary co-chairs, Kirstine Stewart, Diply Chief Strategy Officer, Jeffrey Orridge, CFL commissioner, and Bruce Rivers, Covenant House executive director.


If you would like to show your support to Covenant House initiatives, visit Mike’s sleep out page. Click here to read his story and make a donation.

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