Les invités ont eu du plaisir à discuter et à célébrer au Domaine, dont l’histoire s’étend sur plus de 150 ans, situé au cœur de Sillery au sud de l’Université Laval, près du Fleuve St-Laurent.

Trisura était très heureuse d’être l’hôte d’une si belle soirée, qui fût l’occasion de remercier nos courtiers pour leur appui et leur partenariat.

Photos ci-dessus: Yan Frenette (EGR), Josée Levesque (Trisura) Francis Richard (Essor), Liette Desrosiers (Trisura) Nathalie Simard (EGR), Andréa Michaud (EGR), Sandra Proulx (EGR) Claude Picard (EGR), Réjean Verret (EGR), Diane Ferland (EGR), François Gagnon (Trisura), Sylvie Lambert (Couture Rochette), Mike George (Trisura), , Sarah Mainella (Trisura), Michel Jacques (Verrier), Sylvain Durand (Assurances Jean Gamache), Jean Gamache (Assurances Jean Gamache), Linda Delisle (Renaud Assurances), Alina Didyk (Trisura), Pina Mazzoli (Trisura), Sophie Marceau (Hub International Quebec) Francis Desjardins (Trisura)

À la prochaine!

Photos ci-dessus: Liette Desrosiers, Chris Sekine, Francis Desjardins, Pina Mazzoli, François Gagnon, Jennifer Finnell, Mike George, Béatrice Lartillot, Richard Grant, Nadine Dodeman, Jean-François Therrien, Josée Levesque, Jean Gatien, Frédéric Beauregard



On Tuesday, September 29th, members of the Surety Association of Canada (SAC) gathered at the Pantages Hotel in Toronto for the 24th Annual General Meeting.

As is the case with the majority of trade associations, the SAC relies upon a large volunteer force to push the day-to-day business operations forward. These volunteers use energy and time, often to perform tedious and thankless tasks, in addition to the demands of their regular jobs.

To honour these efforts, The SAC distributes awards during the Annual General Meeting. One of these is the President’s Award, which is given to an individual or individuals who best demonstrate exemplary volunteer service to the surety industry and the SAC. This year, the award was presented to Trisura’s Donna Anderson, Vice President of Surety in the Calgary branch.

Donna has upheld a positive outlook and enthusiasm for the business from the day she entered the industry in 1975, to present day. She helped put SAC on the map in western Canada, and remains unfailingly generous with her time and energy—even when the demands of her day job and family are closing in around her. She has done numerous presentations at SAC conferences and is highly regarded among owners, consultants, and contractors. In 2014, she stepped up once again to sign on for her second stint as Committee Chair.

When deliberating over who to select for this year’s President’s award, Steve Ness, Bob Sloat and the SAC staff unanimously agreed that no-one deserved it more. Congratulation’s Donna!


The SAC was formed in 1992 by professionals in the Surety industry to establish independence from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) and to better represent writers of surety bonds as well as forming a unique product-based voice. Today, those professionals represent more than 90% of written premiums in the entire industry.

Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian owned and operated specialty lines insurance and surety company. Through a select network of national and regional brokerage firms, Trisura provides innovative solutions and expertise in the Contract & Commercial Surety, Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Fidelity, Professional Liability including Media and Cyber Liability, Casualty and Warranty product lines. Trisura operates six offices across Canada, underwrites approximately $100 million in premium, and has an A.M. Best rating of A-.