Trisura’s tree is growing.

Which tree?, I hear you asking.

People familiar with Trisura have probably guessed which tree we’re talking about – it’s our company logo.


That image – the windswept pine tree – has been with Trisura since we launched our company in 2006.

The Trisura tree represented our company brand through the early stages of our life and supported us successfully as we established new innovative products, lines of business and partnerships across the country.

Inspired by Group of Seven painter Frederick Varley’s painting “Stormy Weather”, our logo reflects an image that is resilient and adaptable to changing environments and strongly Canadian. As such, it is not only beautiful, but it’s truly a symbol of who we are as an organization.


New Brand. Same Philosophy

Trisura’s brand is changing. The time is right.

The new version of our logo recently launched as part of our corporate brand refresh. It follows the design of our original logo but is a more modern interpretation of Varley’s tree. We like saying that our logo has undergone an evolution, not a revolution.

The new image reflects our business philosophy – Trisura is growing to the next level, but staying true to the philosophy that has brought us this far.

I have emphasized this before – Trisura is committed to continuous improvement and going a step above, but we can never lose sight of our core values and principles.

We are in business to create exceptional experiences for our brokers and their clients. Our broker relationships will continue to be fundamental to us as a company. Going forward, our brokers must know that they can continue relying on us and that we will work hard to be their trusted advisors.

As I mentioned in my response to the 2012 broker survey, Trisura staff received high marks for providing superior service, expert advice as well as prompt decision making. But we also know that we must expand our product offerings and broaden our appetite to serve you better and we are currently working diligently in this regard.

Everyone has a voice

Trisura’s other main focus has been on our people. Our people make all the difference.

Developing our new brand image is another example of how our people make Trisura the great company it is. When considering the brand refresh, we asked all Trisura employees to help pick our new logo. We offered six very different designs for potential logos and ask everyone to vote for their favourite. In the end, the employees chose to keep the tree, but a new version of it, with an overwhelming majority.

Our new logo is exactly what we wanted– a reliable, attractive image that represents our company, our values and our Canadian roots.

Mike George – President, CEO & Co-founder