Recently the Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC) became a recipient of funding from the Government of Canada for a collaborative project designed to highlight and promote careers for women in leadership roles within the Canadian construction industry.

The funding consists of a $249,900 federal grant for a three year project to conduct research and develop an action plan intended to increase women’s retention and progression in the industry, targeting construction sectors in Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland.

A major challenge for working women is that they still traditionally care for households as well as child care responsibilities. These responsibilities could impede a woman’s career progression, while businesses miss out on the value that women bring to business and management roles. Employers need to address women’s family responsibilities and pay close attention to the skills and strengths they can bring to the industry. The CAWIC hopes to lead this change by providing information, support and mentorship, while facilitating access to jobs and training partnerships to benefit and support women in the industry. A collective voice will be a key to driving change.

Women have a strong presence in leadership roles at Trisura. The surety business, and specifically surety underwriting is a not widely known as a career opportunity. As a hidden gem, it is a fascinating business in an industry that provides some flexibility for women with their schedules. This spring two of our leading women were featured in publications addressing success stories about women in construction. As an organization, we are delighted to be able to shine some light on our own women within Trisura and women in the construction industry in Canada as a whole.








The Canadian Association of Women in Construction (CAWIC) is a volunteer led not for profit national association supporting the entry, retention and advancement of women within the Canadian construction industry.

Read about the CAWIC here.
Sourced from The Canadian Design & Construction Report and The Ontario Construction Report.