I couldn’t agree more with Branson, and believe his statement is particularly true of Trisura. In fact, I often say that our business goes home on the elevators every night, so clearly I believe our people are our greatest asset. But they are also our product.
At the end of the day, Trisura is built on a foundation of hiring great people who fit our culture and develop strong relationships with our brokers and their customers. We exist to create exceptional experiences for all of our stakeholders because we believe the business can be done better. It all starts with our people. That truly is our secret ingredient.
The insurance business is an interesting one. The product boils down to promises on paper. Easily copied and replicated, insurance products are rarely differentiators, at least not for very long. In insurance, perhaps more so than in most other businesses, Branson is right: people are, in fact, our product.
It therefore follows that for an insurance company to be successful it had better take care of its greatest asset and its most important product. At Trisura we very much value our employees.
We have worked hard at trying to create an exceptional working environment for our people by developing a great culture with shared values and a positive vision of the future; a company that people can be proud of and want to work for.
We regularly survey our employees what they think of Trisura, and where and how we can do better for them. Our engagement scores are extremely high (in the 90’s) and are world class. This tells me we are on the right track.
Reinforcing this are two recent independent acknowledgements. For the second time, we are pleased to have been named to the AON list of Canada’s best employers. We were also thrilled to have recently won the inaugural Insurance Business Canada award for Employer of Choice. To be recognized for this distinction from all the insurance companies and brokerages in Canada is incredibly humbling.
As Branson says, our people are our greatest asset and they are our product. They are also our brand. In short, we are nothing without the individuals that make up our team.
I believe the best is yet to come for Trisura and that we have a bright future, despite all of the change and uncertainty looming in the insurance world. This is because I also believe we have amazing people.
I would like to thank all of them for their effort, dedication and excellent work. I would also like to thank all of our brokers for their strong and unwavering support.
All the best to you and your families this coming holiday season and for the new year to come. Best regards and thank you again for your friendship.