One of Trisura’s core values is to give back to the communities in which we live and work. For this reason, employees are given the opportunity to take some time away from the office in order to volunteer at local charities. On Wednesday, February 10th, 13 volunteers from the Toronto branch spent the day helping out at The Daily Bread Food Bank.

Top left to right: Caitlin Wall, Rob Litt, Elliot Ford. Middle: Susan Hollander, Michelle McCafferty, Grace Van Dijk, Brittany Raposo, Sonia Cordeiro, Evan Gamble. Front: Sean McCafferty, Victor Bandiera, Matthew Manol, Andrew Cartwright, Matthew Robertson.


Together the team sorted 10,798 pounds of food. This food is placed into hampers that are designed to provide short-term relief to a family of 4, and weigh in at 20 pounds on average. That means our volunteers sorted enough food to fill 540 hampers for 540 families. Well done volunteers!

The Daily Bread Food bank is the largest provider of food relief in the GTA, offering almost 200 food programs. They work locally year-round to give short and long-term solutions to impoverished families.

To further acknowledge the difference The Daily Bread Food Bank makes, Trisura donated an additional 311 pounds of food, as well as $500 in cash. Every $25 donated means one food hamper can be made. The combined efforts and donations provided the equivalent of 575 hampers for 575 families.

A big kudos to The Daily Bread Food bank for bringing our volunteers in. We look forward to coming back…and exceeding our previous mark!

To find out more about the difference The Daily Bread Food Bank makes, click here to visit their website.