You may be familiar with the phrase, “whatever the question is, chocolate is the answer”. The Trisurians from Québec certainly are. The green aprons were tied-up and sweet cocoa mixed and baked. The Montréal branch produced a delectable smorgasbord of chocolate treats, nicely laid out for some of our broker partners to indulge.

The holiday sweet tooth often starts to take over this time of year, so why not welcome the craving with some home-baked goodies? From chocolate mousse to chocolate bread, guests enjoyed surveying, deciding, and consuming the delicious morsels.

Of course, our brokers don’t survive exclusively on confectionery, which is why the occasional fruit platter, croissants, and muffins are always appreciated, especially with a freshly snow-dusted Mont Royal within view.

What better way to beat those seasonal blues than to enjoy some delicious treats? Sometimes a smiling face and little chocolate can go a long way.

Thanks to our broker partners for hosting us!