In 2012, Integro Insurance Brokers was appointed as the Broker of Record for a sophisticated client with a large-scale professional liability insurance program. The Association was national in scope with over 4,000 members, each of whom was mandated to purchase their own individual professional liability insurance coverage through Integro. Before working with Integro and Trisura, the insurance program was brokered manually with each member receiving a mailed letter advising them of their premium and requiring them to send their payment to the broker by a set date or risk cancellation. The member mailing list was taken from a spreadsheet comprised of data that was potentially outdated and therefore inaccurate. Premium collection via mailed in cheques took many months. Perhaps more critical was that a member’s premium had to be pre-set before mailing the renewal letters and could not be adjusted at the time the member received their renewal notice. That meant potential changes in their risk profile could not be accounted for at that time.

In addition, the one-size-fits-all direct mail process prevented Integro from being able to gather important membership data and to provide a level of personal and direct service that Integro considers to be a vital part of its overall brokerage offering.


Integro took the Association’s insurance program to tender and Trisura was the successful insurer that won the business. During the tender process, Integro and the Association were particularly impressed with Trisura’s innovative proposal to simplify and automate the entire buying process through an online portal. The portal was customized to meet the specific needs of the Association’s members, and was branded under the combined names of Integro, the Association, and Trisura.

With the online portal, Integro is able to customize questions for individual members, and then quickly populate the results into a database. The database offers detailed insight into member preferences and payment methods which allows the Association to better service its membership.

The portal offers the ability to process payments online, dramatically speeding up premium collection and preventing accounts receivable errors. Now, annual premiums due in January can be completely collected within 30 days; whereas with the previous process, this often extended into May and beyond.

Trisura provides Integro with all of the support they need to run the portal, ensuring that it stays available, especially during periods of peak demand. Trisura’s hands-on approach allows Integro and Trisura to share the workload equally and present themselves to the Association and its membership as a complete and seamless insurance team. While the previous process required a large and dedicated staff to manage several parts of the insurance renewal (i.e. mailout, premium collection, accounts receivable and constant follow-up), the entire Trisura portal can be managed by as few as two or three people.

By working with Trisura, Integro has a complete and streamlined way to offer liability insurance to the Association’s members, therefore meeting the needs of a client with a sophisticated and large-scale insurance program, while also collecting valuable membership data in order to improve the overall insurance program in the future.


 “The Trisura Insurance Portal is the best we have seen in the marketplace when it comes to offering a customized and client-centric insurance solution for specialty lines placement. Our client has been thrilled at the efficiency of the entire portal system especially with premium collection and the ability to gather and report on key membership data at the touch of a button. We enjoy a strong and sincere relationship with our client and we believe that Trisura has been instrumental in making that happen.”

– Patrick Bourk

Senior Vice President, Integro Insurance Brokers


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