Being Better

October 02 2017

Here at Trisura Guarantee, our noble purpose, the reason for our existence and being in business, is to create an exceptional stakeholder experience because we believe it can be done better. I would say then that our goal is a challenging one to achieve. Fortunately for us, it may be a little easier to be better in our world of specialty insurance than it is in..

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6th Annual Charity Softball Tournament

September 27 2017

On September 27th, 200 brokers participated in Trisura’s 6th annual charity softball tournament, and once again, the day was hugely successful. Each year, Trisura donates 100% of the proceeds from the tournament to a local grassroots charity. This year that charity was The Children’s Wish Foundation, an organization that aims to grant wishes of..

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The Three Word Challenge - an Interview with Chris Sekine

September 18 2017

I propose a challenge. You have ten seconds and three words to describe your line of business. Can you do it? My guess is that one of those words will change over time. If not, then I either applaud the quality with which you think quickly or the line of business you are in must not be that exciting. “There are probably 10,000 words,” responded Chris Sekine, SVP of..

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Enhanced Comprehensive Commercial Property Insurance

September 06 2017

Trisura is pairing its recently revised Commercial General Liability Policy with an enhanced Comprehensive Commercial Property Policy. The Commercial Property Insurance Policy will be available on policies with an effective date of October 1, 2017 or later.

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E-Learning Now Available to all Brokers

June 26 2017

Are you in need of continued education hours? Check out Trisura's new online learning course, surety 101. All brokers can sign up for free and start learning today.

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