Our executive leadership has a wide range of experience and expertise – They continue to be passionate about learning and collaborating. They believe in a true partnership with brokers in order to create better ideas and bigger opportunities.


Mike George

In 2006, Mike realized his long-term dream of starting an insurance company, and along with Bob Taylor and John Garner founded Trisura. The business is built on the belief that exceptional service, innovative products, and hard work would create a company that brokers would want to do business with and support.

Mike is responsible for both the strategic and operational direction and performance of Trisura. He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and after starting his career in corporate banking, became a surety financial analyst in 1988. He went on to join fledgling Wellington Guarantee, which became London Guarantee where he ultimately led the field operations as senior vice president. Following the sale of London Guarantee to a large multi-national insurer in 2002, Mike stayed on to help with the integration and then left in 2005 to begin work on putting his Trisura dream into reality. Mike has truly worked his way up from the ground floor.

He holds a Bachelor of Science from McMaster University and is a member of TEC Canada’s CEO forum. Mike is on the Senior Executive Council of the Surety Association of Canada. He is the immediate past chair of the annual Covenant House Executive Sleep Out in Toronto, is on the board of the Ontario chapter of the Children’s Wish Foundation, and previously participated on the national Council of Champions for Big Brothers, Big Sisters Canada.

Why I love working at Trisura
Taking Trisura from a concept to a thriving, growing Canadian success story has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my career. We have built a remarkable team of highly engaged and motivated people who make my job easy, and are working with the best brokers in the business who fully support us. That combination has been the secret to our success. My belief is that the best is yet to come, and we are only just beginning to hit our stride. So one of the biggest reasons why I love working here is the excitement of watching our people succeed and help take the company forward – I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every day I come to work. In fact it doesn’t feel like work at all.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to LIVE OUR VALUES EVERY DAY

For me, every single one of our core values has meaning and I try and live them every day. Trisura exists because we believe in creating exceptional experiences for all of our stakeholders, and our values are the ways we make that vision come true.

One value that has significant meaning to me is remaining Proudly Canadian. I have witnessed first-hand the experience of having to follow a strategic course set by people in other countries who don’t truly understand the unique characteristics of doing business in Canada, and who build an underwriting box with which we are supposed to comply. The fact that we chart our own course and control our destiny as Canadians supporting Canadian businesses without interference from abroad is particularly gratifying to me. I am an extremely proud Canadian; I love this country and the value system we embrace here. Having the unique opportunity to start a Canadian insurer with Canadian backing is my dream come true.


Ken Carlstrom

Ken has extensive industry expertise in all of Trisura’s product areas. Prior to joining Trisura, Ken worked for 6 years at a Canadian owned and operated specialty lines carrier, and 4 years as an AVP of a large multinational insurance company in their Financial & Professional Services division.

Ken holds a BA (Administrative and Commercial Studies) from the University of Western Ontario and is currently working on his Registered Professional Liability Underwriter (RPLU) designation. Ken is involved and supports a variety of community organizations including The City Reach Care Society in East Vancouver.

Why I love working at Trisura:
Professionalism, drive, and a passion for the work we do. Trisura is an amazing company, and it allows me the opportunity to work with an exceptional team of colleagues who excel at what they do. It also allows me to work with top-notch brokers that we respect and enjoy dealing with. Building this company from the ground up is an exciting thing to be a part of.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to FIND A SOLUTION.

Brokers don’t simply need more carriers or capacity, they need markets that are going to partner with them to help find solutions to their issues. When we opened the doors at Trisura, our goal was to bring the expertise our team had accumulated over many years in the business and use it to help find those solutions and help our broker partners be more successful. This is something we are constantly striving to achieve.


Richard Grant

Richard provides leadership to the Specialty Insurance business at Trisura and is responsible for underwriting standards, reinsurance strategy, new product development and program business.

He started his insurance career in 1996 at London Guarantee Insurance Company as a Directors’ and Officers’ Liability underwriter. Three years into his career, Richard moved to the head office at London Guarantee where he developed his skills in product development, underwriting direction, reinsurance and systems over a 7 year period. Richard brought this diverse skillset to Trisura in 2006 where he has continued to provide leadership in these areas.

He is the past National Chair of the Canadian Chapter and current member of the United States Educational Committee of the Professional Liability Underwriting Society.

Richard has a three year Business Administration Diploma from Mohawk College and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Thompson Rivers University.

Why I love working at Trisura
Nothing beats coming into work each morning and working alongside a group of entrepreneurs who share a common vision and goal. The energy created by this group coupled with the ability to make our own local decisions to assist our customers makes Trisura the best place to work.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
You can count on me to BE ENTREPRENURIAL.

The value that resonates with me most is remaining entrepreneurial. Trisura started as the dream of Mike, Bob and John in 2005 and everyone who has joined to make this dream come true has an entrepreneurial streak to them. As Trisura continues to grow, it is key for everyone to remember the early days and remain entrepreneurial in everything we do. We can’t rest on our laurels. We must continue to work with our brokers’ customers in coming up with new products and solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your clients


Chris Sekine

Chris is responsible for the executive leadership of Surety for Trisura. These responsibilities include setting the strategic direction and vision for surety and helping execute Trisura’s strategic plans. Those plans currently include Trisura’s Broker Strategic Initiative, our strategic reinsurance relationships, developing and promoting our credit and underwriting direction , and advancing operational efficiency.

Chris has over 20 years of experience in the Surety Industry. He previously held executive positions with two multinational sureties, first as Vice President and Branch Manager and then as Managing Director for Canada.

Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the Surety Association of Canada and has participates on various sub-committee’s for SAC. He has an Honours BA in Economics from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Why I love working at Trisura:
Entrepreneurialism and trust – quite simply, I have a tremendous amount of trust and respect for my colleagues here and we share an entrepreneurial spirit that is unique to Trisura. Our entrepreneurial spirit is matched with the same spirit found with our key broker’s and their clients. It allows us to discuss the needs of our broker customers and their clients at a more strategic level through shared experiences. Fundamentally, this is how we’ve built Trisura.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to BE DECISIVE.

Entrepreneurialism and decisiveness go hand in hand. Our business is about making decisions and also ensuring that our brokers have full and easy access to decision makers as required. This has been a big part of Trisura’s success.


Glen Shaw

Glen leads our Risk Solutions & Warranty business. In addition, Glen has oversight responsibility for our Developer Surety practice and remains involved in our Surety business, particularly in our reinsurance relationships.

Glen started in the Surety business as an underwriter in 1991. He has also held senior positions with a large global insurer in the risk solutions and warranty product area, which is now his primary area of responsibility at Trisura.

Glen holds a Bachelor of Science from Western University, and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Why I love working at Trisura:
Trisura provides an environment that constantly challenges me to grow, acquire new skills, think creatively, and put together solutions that really work for our brokers and their customers. I enjoy being part of a team that recognizes individual contributions and efforts, but shares its successes with each member of the organization.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to BE DECISIVE.

Making decisions quickly is extremely important. Customizing solutions can be a time-consuming process, so being decisive about an opportunity, and identifying those that are worth the considerable effort ahead of time is extremely important. We have all been in situations where we pour ourselves into a project that never bears fruit. Being able to identify the promising opportunities and deciding to pursue those, while tactfully passing on the less than promising opportunities, is vital.


Rebekah Alberga is responsible for the leadership of the Claims process at Trisura. She is also responsible for providing in-house legal counsel to the company. Rebekah brings 10 years of experience in handling Specialty Insurance claims with a focus on Directors’ and Officers’ Liability, Professional Liability and Fidelity claims. Prior to joining Trisura, Rebekah held the position of Senior Claims Counsel of a multinational property and casualty insurance company where she was involved in handling a wide variety of complex claims. Rebekah is a lawyer called to the Ontario Bar, and has practiced exclusively in the area of insurance law, first as a litigator, and then as in-house counsel at several leading multinational property and casualty insurers. She has an LLB from Queen’s University and an Honours BA in Political Science and English from Western University.

Why I love working at Trisura:

As a claims professional, promptness and fairness are key. At Trisura, these values are shared throughout the company. Being part of such a responsive and collaborative group makes it a pleasure to come to work each day.

What Trisura’s values mean to me: 

I can be counted on to SHARE MY EXPERTISE. At Trisura, we know that it is important to “Share our Expertise”, by listening to your needs and assessing what is required to get the job done. As a legal professional, sharing my legal expertise with both internal and external clients is an integral part of my day to day. Our team at Trisura brings an array of experience from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We are ready to share our knowledge and ideas with our clients and business partners in order to achieve fair and practical solutions for those involved.


Victor Bandiera

In early 2013, Victor started the Construction Services group at Trisura. His expertise is utilized on client reviews including financial reporting, estimating and project management practices, understanding disputes that arise during construction, surety claims investigations, special project review, pre/post tender evaluations and selection and scoping of external consultants engagement. Victor has also performed informal dispute resolutions and ongoing project monitoring. Victor has dealt with all facets of a surety operation including compliance, underwriting and claims.

Victor has a lengthy career within both construction and insurance since completing his engineering degree. He leverages his construction and engineering background to provide a different perspective to all circumstances faced by the company. Victor has an Engineering degree from University of New Brunswick.

Why I love working at Trisura:
Trisura provides me with the opportunity to apply my construction knowledge to benefit all our stakeholders. I love being part of a team that strives to improve everything we do in a cost effective and timely way. You can’t help but feel good when you can see others throughout the organization care and listen. Trisura also embraces innovation and remains entrepreneurial, which are values I have always admired.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to FIND A SOLUTION.

“Find a Solution” is the value that most resonates with me. I believe my previous experience allows me to contribute with a different perspective than others and allows greater opportunities for the parties involved to find a solution. After all, if we can better appreciate and understand viewpoints of others it can allow for more time to be spent finding more alternate solutions to benefit everyone involved.


Cindy is responsible for all things “people” at Trisura – from attracting top talent to developing innovative employee programs and benefits, to engaging employees in career discussions. An entrepreneur at heart, Cindy is passionate about keeping a step above and a step ahead. Cindy has extensive experience within the financial services sector having worked at world-class organizations such as Citigroup Inc, BMO Financial Group, Aon Hewitt and Assante Wealth Management. Cindy holds an undergraduate degree from York University, is a CHRL and has completed the CTI Coaches Training program. Passionate about learning, she has recently completed the in-class component of the Adult Education program at St Fx University in Antigonish. Cindy is an active career coach and has been mentoring professionals at various stages in their career. Cindy has spoken at a number of events on topics including Employee Engagement, Talent Management and Talent Attraction and Millenials.

Why I love working at Trisura:

I love working at Trisura because of the people. Individually and as a group, all of my colleagues are down to earth and passionate about doing the right thing for our customers and for each other.

What Trisura’s values mean to me:

I can be counted on to BE ENTREPRENEURIAL WITH A SENSE OF URGENCY. Trisura’s values are a fundamental component of how we conduct business. My customers are my colleagues and as an entrepreneur at heart, I look for ways to deliver the best by listening, anticipating and delivering creative and innovative people practices and strategies – in a timely way.


Sandra Henkel Sandra is responsible for the development and execution of Trisura’s marketing and branding strategy as well as broker management and distribution. Sandra has deep insurance industry expertise. Prior to joining Trisura, she held various senior positions across a number of functional areas with leading Canadian commercial property and casualty insurance carriers. Sandra holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management from Ryerson University, an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and her FCIP designation. She has served on the Board of Directors with the YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka, and volunteers and fudraises for various local and international charities.

Why I love working at Trisura:

Trisura provides me with the opportunity to apply my diverse skill sets and cross-functional industry experience. I love being part of a passionate, dynamic group of people, in a company where I can see the impact of my actions translated into tangible outcomes that drive the success of our business. It’s what keeps me on my toes, energizes me and allows me to develop both professionally and personally.

What Trisura’s values mean to me:

I can be counted on to: “LISTEN”. I think “Listen” is the value that has benefited me most. When you do this effectively, it actually makes your job easier. Your customers will provide you with the insights you need to succeed and as long as you can translate these into actionable strategies you have a winning formula.


Dragan manages the development and execution of our IT strategy. This includes providing leadership, innovative solutions and technology related expertise to our staff and stakeholders, while supporting the organization’s strategic goals.

Dragan spent most of his career in business application systems design, development, integration and implementation in the banking and insurance industry. Prior to joining Trisura , Dragan held the position of Manager, Systems Development with a leading Canadian commercial property & casualty insurance carrier, where he was involved in all aspects of policy management, underwriting and claims systems life cycle.

Dragan holds Engineering Degree (B.Sc.) in Electronics & Computer Science.

Why I love working at Trisura:
I have been with Trisura pretty much from the beginning. Right from the get-go we knew we wanted to push the envelope when it came to creating industry leading technology that makes us easy to do business with. We see technology not simply as a means to an end but as an integral part of our competitive advantage. This means our IT group is continuously encouraged to innovate and deliver the best possible solutions and we are provided with the tools to do so.

What Trisura’s values mean to me.
I can be counted on to SUPPORT YOU.

Our technology solutions are built with our brokers and clients in mind. We spend a lot of time talking to our business units, brokers and clients to ensure that what we deliver supports our brokers in achieving success and in delivering on the commitments they have made to their clients. If it doesn’t, it won’t make the cut. It’s as simple as that.