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Trisura’s new eLearning platform enables brokers to obtain Continuing Education (CE) credits through certified online courses. Brokers can access online course anytime, anywhere, and are designed to be educational as well as entertaining.

The insurance community needs more technology driven services. Therefore, Trisura is providing online learning to brokers who must meet their annual CE requirements.

Time is a commodity.

Brokers take time out of their day to sit in a classroom or attend a live webinar. Both of these methods are useful and effective forms of learning. However, brokers can login, pause, resume, and complete their education when it makes the most sense. Brokers therefore have more time to what they do best: selling insurance.

Begin eLearning today, with Surety 101.

Surety 101 is Trisura’s first eLearning course. Surety 101 is accredited for 2.5 CE hours in the technical category, and covers the basics of Surety bonding, the concepts of contract surety, the different types of bonds as well as the 3 C’s of surety.