It’s International Women’s Day, and Trisura Guarantee wants to say thank you to all our female trailblazers. Hardworking, inspirational and talented, the women of Trisura are at the top of their game, often receiving praise from around the industry for their work in the office and in their communities.

In honour of today, Trisura is shining the spotlight on a dedicated individual who has been with the organization since its first year–our head of commercial surety, Pina Mazzoli.

International Women’s DayPina’s story didn’t start off in this industry. She received an English literature degree from York University and started off her career as an English teacher in an international private school. Her surety journey began through a family friend. She applied for a position United States Fidelity and Guaranty, a large, multinational company that was opening an operation in Canada. Through several amalgamations and merges, Pina had progressed to national senior underwriter of commercial surety for Travelers Canada. These steps brought her to Trisura, and as she puts it, “the rest is history.”

Throughout her career, Pina has had a multitude of proud accomplishments. She has built a successful commercial surety practice, developing online solutions to make products more efficient and cost effective. Pina also tipped her hat to her colleagues, saying, “I am so proud of the team of people who constantly challenge the way we do things and think of ways to the business better.”

CEO Mike George has worked with Pina since 2006. He witnessed the industry transform because of her leadership and innovation, and he is confident in the positive influence she has on her peers:

In my mind, Pina is without a doubt the leading commercial surety expert in Canada today. She is the ultimate of innovators and has reshaped and revolutionized the business. Pina has pioneered and championed new uses for the product and has created classes of commercial surety that previously did not exist. She has taken a high-touch and cumbersome product suite and turned it upside down by developing new workflows and processes through digital solutions, which, in turn, has greatly improved efficiency for our brokers, their customers and ourselves. She is passionate about her business, and I can honestly say that both the Canadian commercial surety industry and Trisura owe much of the ultimate success of the commercial surety line to Pina’s leadership and vision. We are so fortunate to have her leading and mentoring our team in this highly profitable business. Thanks Pina!!

When Pina isn’t making waves and shaping the insurance business, she can be found in a yoga or Pilates studio, cycling or cooking. But above all, she always makes time to spend with her two daughters.