Extortion, Kidnap & Ransom Insurance responds when an individual is endangered by criminals who want to gain access to industrial secrets, make socio-political statements, or for monetary gain. It has been estimated that there are between 8,000 – 10,000 kidnappings a year globally. [source: CNN] When such a situation arises, Extortion, Kidnap & Ransom Insurance responds by appointing an emergency response team, expertly trained to respond to these complex and harrowing experiences. This team is then charged to do anything within their power to safely repatriate the victim by communicating professionally with the kidnappers and negotiating a ransom and safe release.

Trisura has partnered with industry leaders to provide coverage for Canadian companies who do business in territories where this type of peril is common. Our products are written with the support of Sutton Special Risk, a leader in this class of business, who has been at the forefront of Extortion, Kidnap & Ransom Insurance for over three decades. Should a situation arise, our customers will benefit from the 24/7 emergency response of the Control Risk Group. Control Risk Group has been helping companies, their employees and their families negotiate through frightening scenarios since the 1970s. These experts provide support, advice, and expertise based on their experience with over 3,500 emergency situations worldwide.

  • Control Risks Crisis Management Expenses
  • Ransom which has been surrendered
  • Ransom which has been lost in transit
  • Fees and Expenses for Control Risks Group (unlimited)
  • Various additional expenses, including travel expenses, victim salaries and rest & rehabilitation
  • Personal Financial Loss
  • Legal Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Customized Definition of Insured Person to meet the needs of the insured party
  • Disappearance expenses
  • Threat expenses
  • Hostage Crisis expenses

Additional Coverages Available

In addition to our comprehensive Extortion, Kidnap & Ransom policy, we also offer the following coverage extensions:

  • Emergency Political Repatriation and Relocation Extension
  • Loss of Earnings Extension
  • Express Kidnap

Special Contingency —
Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance

In the event of a kidnap, detention, extortion or hijack incident covered by the policy, your clients will benefit from Control Risks’ services as part of their insurance policy. The expense for these services is outside of the limit of liability provided by the policy and is provided on an unlimited basis.


We underwrite all risks on an account-by-account basis taking into consideration the unique risk characteristics of each applicant.

International Exposure

We underwrite accounts incorporated in Canada with international exposures.

Minimum Premiums

We do not have minimum premium thresholds. Our premiums are dependent on destinations being travelled to, the number of employees and frequency of travel.


We apply our underwriting expertise to any class of private, public, not-for-profit corporations, or individuals in order to find a solution with a focus that best suits their need.