Trisura’s Form 14 — Prime Bond is a specially designed form for Mutual Fund Managers, Mutual Fund Dealers, Investment Counsellors, Portfolio Managers, Introducing Brokers and the like.

Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage Highlights
  • Per loss limit of liability wording
  • Expanded definition of employee:
    • consultants, including contracted retirees
    • directors and trustees of employee benefit plans
    • elected officials, whether compensated or not
    • electronic data processing service operators
    • employee of one insured considered employee of another insured
    • guest students
    • 60 day coverage for former employees
    • temporary employees hired through placement firms
    • trainees compensated with public funds
  • Automatic coverage for newly created offices and subsidiaries
  • Automatic coverage, at no additional cost, for newly acquired subsidiaries, when less than 50% of the consolidated assets and less than 25% of the consolidated number of employees
  • Worldwide counterfeit currency coverage
  • Coverage for redemption of Canada Savings Bonds
  • In transit coverage for shipments using any transportation company, including courier services
  • Coverage extends to uncertificated securities
  • Broad definition of property
  • Coverage for all property of clients held by the insured in any capacity
  • Coverage extends to all employee benefit plans
  • 60 days notice of cancellation / 15 days in the event of non-payment of premium
  • Worldwide territory
  • Additional Coverage Extensions Include:
    • Agent Coverage
    • Audit Expense Coverage
    • Computer Systems Fraud Coverage
    • Excess Securities Coverage
    • Extortion — Threats to Persons
    • Extortion — Threats to Property
    • Full Computer Crime Policy for Financial Institutions
    • Lost Document Bonds — Waiver of Premiums
    • Mail Coverage — available by rider or stand-alone companion policy
    • Telefacsimile Transfer Fraud Coverage
    • Voice Initiated Transfer Fraud Coverage
  • Multi-Year Capabilities
  • Ability to accept other markets application forms in most cases

We underwrite all risks on an account by account basis taking into consideration the unique risk characteristics of each applicant.

International Exposure
We underwrite accounts incorporated in Canada with international exposures, provided the majority of their operations and employees are domiciled in Canada.

Minimum Premiums
We do not have minimum premium thresholds.

Excess Coverage
We will consider excess coverage for many classes of business.