JOE: The crucial role that HR departments play in organizational success is becoming increasingly obvious, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the insurance industry. Having won multiple best employer awards in recent years, Trisura clearly has a good formula for keeping its staff happy and engaged. IBTV visited the Trisura HR team to find out how they do it.

CINDY:  Some of the things that we really value, our value proposition is really important and, you know, it’s how we hire people, we bring in the best that we can find, we keep those people. We listen, really, to what people want. What’s important to them in a work environment. People spend a lot of time here, we want them to enjoy it…and I think it’s things like, without getting too specific on programs,  but it’s things like flexible work, it’s things like, again, really listening to what employees might want.  It’s being able to work with other competent people in the industry. And I think it’s really giving people ownership in the work that they do every day, and people really know that they are contributing to the success of Trisura. We’ve been successful since inception and I really believe comes down to that culture and it comes down to the ownership  and the responsibility that people are allowed to take. We want them to do that. That’s the best way that we can serve our customers is by giving that ownership to people every single day.

JOE: HR teams have much to consider when recruiting new staff. Because making the wrong appointment can have a significantly adverse effect. Weighing out the value of experience and qualifications against things like personality and likability are key considerations.

WENDY: You know, when we’re looking for somebody to join our team,  finding the right fit is essential and that really comes down to values; finding somebody who really can get behind the same sort values we have here at Trisura, that’s the most important thing.  So we’ve really made it a goal of ours to balance finding the right experience, but also finding the right fit for our team…and balancing that out, so finding some people that bring that new perspective, that new energy and don’t necessarily come from within the industry and then balancing that with people that have deep expertise from being in the industry for many years. And I think by doing that we’ve managed to get a really successful team.

JOE: Millennials are known  for wanting to work with companies that share their values, and for companies that want to attract the top talent, this is not something to be overlooked.

JENNIFER: Yeah, within the first couple months, I knew I had made the right choice in joining Trisura. It’s been great since day 1, I really feel part of that family-oriented team. I’ve been included in many meetings, many decision-makings, I know that my opinion has been heard – which is a great feeling for a new graduate starting out their career in such an early stage. I feel challenged everyday which is a great feeling,  and from a career standpoint and a personal standpoint it really makes me fortunate that I work here.