April 1, 2020

With the continuing need for social distancing and work-from-home declarations from governments across Canada, we wanted to address questions that we have been fielding from our broker partners:

Property and Casualty Solutions

As businesses across various industry sectors focus on implementing work-from-home measures in compliance with increasingly strict governmental stay-at-home mandates, there will be a need for them to have significant operations off-site of their principal business locations for the foreseeable future. Trisura recognizes that the insurance needs of our insureds may be impacted by this and are implementing the following supportive measures during this difficult time:

Mobile Communication Equipment Coverage

This extension is already included under our “Commercial Property Extensions of Coverage”. Effective immediately, we will increase the current Mobile Communication Equipment limit provided under the Automatic Extensions of Coverage on all of our Property policies by $10,000 per occurrence at no additional premium. The terms and conditions of this endorsement can be reviewed here: COVID-19 Mobile Communication Equipment Extension Endorsement. If higher limits are required, please contact a member of the Property and Casualty Solutions Team.

Unoccupied Insured Locations

Where a state of emergency declaration has been made by a Canadian public authority, Trisura will not consider locations unoccupied or shut down if they still contain sufficient insured property to conduct normal business operations and as long as the insured is visiting the covered premises a minimum of every seven days (when possible) and exhibits a proactively prudent level of care, control, and maintenance of the property. This includes ensuring doors and windows are locked and adequately maintaining security systems and utilities. This extension does not apply to vacant buildings. A building will be considered vacant when it does not contain sufficient insured property to conduct normal business operations. This coverage extension may be subject to adjustment in the event Canadian public authority declarations are changed or updated.

The Trisura Property and Casualty Solutions Team

Specialty Insurance Solutions

Legal Helpline with HR Assist

Your clients may have legal questions arise as they navigate this challenging business landscape. With our complimentary Legal Helpline, all Trisura Specialty Insurance policyholders have unlimited access to legal information and general assistance for any legal question, regardless of the area of law. The Legal Helpline now features HR Assist, where policyholders can consult with a certified Human Resources specialist to help them effectively manage their HR issues.

Exclusive for policyholders, the Legal Helpline with HR Assist provides invaluable assistance with navigating the legal system, helping individuals avoid unexpected legal expenses. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in both English and French.

To learn more about this service, click here, or contact your Trisura Specialty Insurance underwriter.


Trisura’s Online e-bond platform

In the current landscape of social distancing and self isolation, people have been wondering how working remotely every day might impact business processes. When it comes to processing bonds, business can continue as usual thanks to smart digital platforms. In fact, the Surety Association of Canada also promotes digital or e-bonds as a way to replace traditional paper bonds.

Unlike the paper alternative, e-bonds can be issued any time, anywhere. If security of the bonds are a concern, fret not: the bond is a completely secure document with a unique fingerprint that can be verified online.

Our e-bond FAQ can help you get started, click here to learn more or contact your Surety underwriter.

All of our staff will continue to be available. We will be monitoring COVID-19 developments and will provide updates via email and on our web-site at www.trisura.com. You can also contact any member of our team if you have additional questions.