With Matt Baynton, Vice President, Surety (National)

Q: How do I gain access to use Trisura Online’s e-bond platform?

A: If you have not done so already, you can request access to Trisura Online e-bonds by clicking the “Get Started” tab.

Q: What is the cost to have an e-Bond processed through Trisura Online?
A: There is no cost to use Trisura’s e-Bond Platform. This is a free service to all of Trisura’s existing brokers and contractors.

Q: Has Trisura Online’s e-Bond Platform been endorsed by SAC and accepted by electronic tendering service providers (MERX, Biddingo, etc.)?
A: Yes, e-bond was created through Trisura Online has been endorsed and accepted by all stakeholders.

Q: What does the e-signing process look like?
A: The broker uploads the document(s) to be signed to Trisura Online e-Bond, then uses a graphical signature placement tool to prepare the document. Signer information is added to the document(s) and then the transaction is sent to the client with the click of a button. The signer then receives an email with an embedded and secure link that they can click to sign the document(s). Once signing is complete, all parties are notified by email that the document has successfully been e-signed and have access to download the document to their device.

Q: Can documents be signed using a mobile device?
A: Yes, once signature and seal placeholders are positioned over the document(s) by the broker and are sent out via email, the client is able to sign the document through on their mobile device by touching the location that their signature placeholder was placed.

Q: Are contractors required to sign-up or register for an account in order to sign the document(s)?
A: No, clients signing as the principal on the document(s) are not required to sign up or register for any accounts. Once a document is sent by the broker to the client, they simply click the link embedded in the email and they are ready to sign.

Q: Are contractor seals required? How are they affixed onto the document(s)?
A: A digital image of the Principal’s seal is required to be uploaded and managed by the broker. Once a seal is assigned to a Contractor, the seal will be affixed to the document as they are e-signing the bond.

Q: What is the size limit per document?
A: The maximum file size per document is 10 MB.

Q: How is document integrity assured?
A: Adobe Reader and industry leading specialized software is used to verify a document’s integrity and audit trail. When a document is opened, the integrity check is automatically performed and it is indicated at the top of the document if it is still secure. Simply clicking any signature will validate the document and the signature and provide access to detailed information about the signature.

Q: How are documents stored?
A: The documents are stored within the Silanis e-Sign Live database.

Q: How are the documents delivered?
A: After the document(s) is/are signed, the client can then download the signed document(s) and then submit the file to the appropriate electronic tendering service providers (MERX, Biddingo, etc.).

Q: What web browsers does Trisura Online e-Bond support?
A: The following browsers are supported by Trisura Online e-Bond (cookies-enabled)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, 10; JavaScript-enabled
Google Chrome (latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (latest version) (latest version)