Trisura Group is an international specialty insurance provider operating in surety, risk solutions, corporate insurance and reinsurance, and is trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: TSU). Trisura Group has three principal regulated subsidiaries: Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company, Trisura International Insurance and Trisura Insurance Company (“Trisura US”).

  • Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company started writing business in Canada in 2006 and has a long track record of profitable operations.
  • Trisura International Insurance has operated as a reinsurance company for almost 15 years.
  • Trisura Insurance Company is currently being incorporated as an operating subsidiary in the U.S.

Trisura Group benefits from an experienced management team, strong distribution partners and a specialized and profitable business focus. Trisura plans to grow through strategic acquisitions and a multi-line, multi-jurisdictional platform while continuing to focus on our existing distribution network and increasing penetration in our existing product segments.